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CBD Crude Oil (Winterized/Decarbed)

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Xtracts works directly with farmers to source quality, certified hemp biomass. Xtracts follows best practices when procuring biomass for our end product. The hemp biomass we process is always fully tested & backed with COA’s (Certificate of Analysis) per batch. Our hemp biomass purchasing requirements can be found here: Biomass Checklist.


Xtracts uses a closed loop, stainless steel, ethanol extraction system. Our end product is a hemp-derived Winterized Decarbed Full Spectrum CBD Crude Oil. We wholesale directly but not limited to processing and manufacturing companies in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and beverage industry.
(for sale in legal markets only)


Xtracts filters its CBD crude oil in order to remove unwanted contaminants and increase the purity of the remaining cannabinoids. Following filtration, a solvent is added to facilitate dewaxing. Xtracts full spectrum hemp oil will contain small traces of THC levels that are at or below the legal limit (THC concentration of .3% or less) Xtracts filters to 1 Micron ensuring that the oil is free of unwanted plant materials leading up to Decarboxylation.


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